Our specially designed rail weld shears are one of a kind. Luss weld shears are designed to perform the shearing and removal of excess metal accumulated during thermite welding on various profiles Australian/British rail. Unlike other weld shears, our weld shears encase the entire rail profile and do not wear out as often as other well known manufacturers. Speak to our Rail team today and see how you can incorporate our weld shears in to your welding process.



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Luss has been long involved in servicing the rail industry, providing precision machined and refurbished components for all classes of rolling stock.

Our facilities allow for start to finish overhauls to be performed without items being moved to other buildings, sites or sub contractors unless we have to.


Luss has a full service shop that can offer a quality service at a competitive price to all operators and maintenance providers. Quality service is our goal and we have extensive procedures in place to ensure that the work undertaken will meet the critical safety standards required by rail operators.
Currently servicing suburban / country passenger and tram rolling stock, as well as freight and locomotive rolling stock across Australia.
The scope of  work undertaken is outlined below:
  • Re-profiling of wheel set
  • Re-discing
  • NDT Testing of various critical components by our NATA qualified networks
  • Reconditioning of axle boxes
  • Manufacture of axle boxes
  • Wide variety of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components also.
  • Custom holding fixtures / jigs 
  • Custom trolleys / transfer carts
  • Lifting solutions  


Images courtesy of Luss Engineering Group Copyright © 1966-2018.