At Luss we manufacture hydraulic cylinders to meet your needs. We aim to provide you with confidence and peace of mind as we deal with the following industries more often than not. Familiar industries include, transport, waste management, mining, power generation, agriculture, aquaculture, defence, construction, earthmoving, energy, food and beverage processing, forestry, oil and gas exploration, materials-handling and ship-building.

We provide a wide range of fluid power service and repair facilities, products and system solutions, as well as our own range of manufactured products. We aim at delivering quality products to our customers whether they are one-off prototypes or high production volume OEM products. In particular, custom made fittings and clevis pins, which are designed and made in house. 

Quality control is what sets us apart and we honestly believe it is a vital process throughout the designing and manufacturing of precision items. Best of all, we offer fast turnaround breakdown services direct to you as we understand downtime is a killer for any business.

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Hydraulic cylinder repair customers in Australia demand hydraulic cylinders repairs that will last for forever. Our workshop is well equipped with comprehensive facilities and technical know-how to carefully repair the most challenging of cylinders. Luss Hydraulics supply, repair and service all aspects of heavy duty cylinders, medium duty cylinders, light duty cylinders, round line cylinders, AM1 mill cylinders, two stage load hold cylinders, telescopic cylinders and special purpose cylinders. Our clients expect everlasting life and performance from our rebuilt cylinders and the reassurance of the comprehensive support.

Luss Hydraulics cylinder repairs include:

  • Cylinder Stripping and Assessment
  • Cylinder Design Enhancement
  • Cylinder Milling and Turning
  • Cylinder Barrel Honing & Reclamation
  • Cylinder Chroming
  • Cylinder Welding
  • Cylinder Assembly, Paint & Testing
  • Small Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Industrial Hydraulic Services


Qualified technicians begin by assessing your cylinder’s condition, including precise measurement, pre- test, NDT and failure analysis where deemed necessary. Luss workshop is equipped with the necessary lifting equipment, maintenance cells and stripping benches to disassemble and assess your cylinder prior to repair.

Cylinder Design & optimisation

Cylinder problems occur unwhittingly based on their length of operation and their frequent abuse. The main factors in our experience include both unsatisfactory design and poor repairs by previous owners and/or operators. Furthermore, we remind ourselves that these problems lead to insecurity within the workplace, untimely failure and necessary downtime for any company or business. Allowing Luss to optimise your design and specifications, including seal selection, material selection, tolerances and surface treatments will result in increasing your uptime and ultimately provide recognisable cost savings and reduced headaches for your company over the long run. As part of your cylinder repair ask Luss about the long term benefits of a cylinder re-design.


In order to start off on the right foot with any hydraulic job, Luss integrates precision engineered parts for it’s customers. Close tolerances and high pressures mean the only way to avoid future problems is to integrate precision engineered parts manufactured from carefully sourced high tensile materials. Our workshop is equipped with a quality range of manual and computer assisted CNC milling and turning machines that can repair any damaged thread, produce a completely new rods, pistons, barrels, clevis’s, end-caps, and trunnion block assembly.


Luss can rescue virtually any barrel and have it repaired swiftly, regardless of your location. Contact our team of experts to discuss your bore size and barrel length.

Cylinder CHROMING 

For the benefit of our clients, our carefully chosen chroming partners are selected for high quality results and quick turnaround to reduce your downtime.

Cylinder WELDING

Our fabricating network is equipped with the technology and skills to deliver a variety of welding services. Standard capabilities in house include MSAW, MIG, and TIG welding. To ensure quality and reliability, the performance of every refurbished cylinder is tested using our in-house test facilities ranging from basic pressure testing rigs, to advanced electronic test equipment custom-built by our network of specialists to cater for special applications.