Offering high end performance parts for your not so average highly modified race cars or street machines, for over two decades we have been on top of the Motorsport industry. We aim at offering our clients high end, custom built parts like no other, with the option of various other services tailored specifically to our clients if required.

From competition racers to classic street cars, we’ve got you covered. Our capabilities and combined in-house knowledge carries the best in automotive performance and aftermarket parts. We are confident and committed in following through with your concepts and ideas and offer you nothing but the very best in terms of the end product. Contact our Motorsport team today and find out how they can help you achieve your goals.

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A major contributing sponsor in past years, Luss had provided VUM engineering students with the necessary workshop equipment, knowledge and mentorship, such that students were able to take advantage of every opportunity given to them via real-life industry experience. Including but not limited to design, innovate and construct numerous prototype components for their FSAE endeavours.

Just like in past years, Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) is aimed at students from all engineering disciplines, however, led by Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students the year long project is open to all undergraduates studying at VU. Students design components for race cars and attend various motorsports events.

The students are responsible for:

  • Creating a project plan.
  • Developing a budget.
  • Securing sponsorship.
  • Designing all manufactured components.
  • Building and racing the vehicle.

Throughout the project students develop many life-long skills which cannot be taught within a classroom environment.

Images courtesy of Luss Engineering Group Copyright © 1966-2020.